Bonita Springs Downtown Improvements Project



What is the Downtown Improvements Project?

The Bonita Springs Downtown Improvements Project is a complete reconstruction of Old 41 Road from Tennessee Street to North of Terry Street.  The reconstruction includes plans for storm drainage improvements, utility relocations, roundabouts at Pennsylvania Avenue and Terry Street, parking, and streetscape features.  Decorative elements such as lamp posts with planter and banner sign capabilities, landscape planters and brick paver crosswalks are incorporated into the streetscape design.  Felts Avenue and the connecting side streets provide underground storage and treatment for stormwater within the right-of-way and also allow for parking downtown.  Streetscape improvements will include new sidewalks, crosswalks and parking spaces, and enhanced landscaping with new trees.  We are excited about this time of redevelopment in our great city.  Living and working in downtown Bonita Springs will mean watching our historic downtown transform into a more vibrant community.  With this project, the city will prepare for future growth in the downtown area, while keeping its small town charm and embracing its history.


What is the construction schedule?

The contractor has developed a tentative schedule to keep the project team and the public informed.  This schedule may vary depending on things like the weather, and delivery of materials and equipment.  Unforeseen issues such as archaeological or historical findings may require extra time to ensure their protection during construction.  Underground utilities not shown on construction plans require extra time to determine their source.  Click here to be directed to the Project Schedule page which shows the project phasing, estimated start dates and actual completion dates.




How will construction affect my business?

The City’s contractor will work very hard to minimize inconveniences to businesses due to construction.  Businesses and residents will receive construction information through public meetings, one-on-one meetings, small group and organizational meetings, news media, email updates and this website.  We will work with downtown merchants to have alternate plans in place prior to construction and to make sure that merchants and patrons are given notice of when and where construction will take place.  The contractor will provide business access signs for buildings/businesses in the construction zone. Please click here to access our Assistance Guide.


Will I always have access to my business/residence?


Vehicular Access

As the construction progresses, some streets in downtown will be temporarily inaccessible to vehicles.  However, the construction crew will work closely with business owners to address concerns about access.  Business access signs will direct motorists to temporary businesses entrances.


Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access will be maintained during construction.  Temporary sidewalks will be placed between buildings and fences bordering the construction area.  Access may be delayed while crews remove the old sidewalks and install the temporary sidewalks.  You may be detoured, delayed or asked to use an alternate entrance when the permanent sidewalks are being poured.  This is to allow the concrete to cure or harden and usually takes from 4-6 hours.


What about City events?

To keep construction progressing, some city events may require relocation to other areas of the city.  The project team is working closely with downtown event organizers during the construction.  If you are planning an event in the downtown area, please contact Lora Taylor, Bonita Springs Communication Director at (239) 949-6235 or e-mail to to coordinate your event with the downtown construction.


Water Shut-Offs/Boil Water Notices


Will our utilities be shut off during the construction?

Utility interruptions will be unavoidable.  You will experience several planned water shut-offs usually lasting less than four hours at any one time.  To minimize inconveniences, most planned water shut-offs are scheduled after hours.


How will I know if my water will be shut-off?

You will receive advance notification from Bonita Springs Utilities of any planned water shut-offs via a flyer that will be placed on your door.  Check the Water Shut-offs page on this site for current water shut-off information.

You may also experience emergency water shut-off.  Old water lines could be damaged or disintegrate unexpectedly due to the heavy construction equipment required to replace the systems.  Some of the old valves to the water system do not function properly and can be problematic in the case of a water main break.  A very large portion of the water system may have to be shut down to make a repair.  In this case, we have an emergency plan in place to notify you and work to restore service as soon as possible.  A notice will be placed on you door to notify you to boil water before use.


What does a water shut-off/boil water notice mean?

The Department of Health and the Department of Business and Professional Regulations both require a Boil Water notice to be issued after any water shut-off, planned or emergency.  You will be required to boil your tap water or use bottled water for a period of time after the water shut off.  Click here to find boil water regulations for residential or commercial properties.


How long will I need to boil my water?

You will need to boil your water or use bottled water from the time service is restored until you receive a Rescission of Boil Water notice.  This period usually lasts approximately 72 hours.  Click here to find boil water regulations for residential or commercial properties.


I have not received a boil water notice and I do not have water.  What do I do?

Call Bonita Springs Utilities, Inc. at (239) 992-0711to report your outage.  Most likely you are experiencing emergency water shut-off due to a water line break.  You may be instructed to boil your water when service is restored.  If you are a restaurant, hair salon or medical office, it is suggested that you keep several five gallon bottles of water on the premises in case of a water line break or emergency water shut off.




What kind of trees will be planted?

A variety of trees will be planted including, Cabbage Palm, Cypress, Ficus, Oak, Pine and Royal Palms.


Will the sidewalks remain the same width?

The project has been designed to maximize sidewalks along the Old 41 corridor.  Pedestrian friendly streets will emphasize the pedestrian experience over the automobile.  Sidewalks will consist of concrete with brick paver accents.


Will there be sidewalk benches?

Yes.  New benches will be conveniently located throughout the downtown area.




Does the Downtown Improvements Project include more downtown parking?

There will be about 150 additional parking spaces in the downtown area.


Contact Information


Who can I contact to get information about the Downtown Improvements Project?

For more information about the project, please contact the City of Bonita Springs’ public information consultant, Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc.  You may use the Contact Us page or contact Kris Cella at Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc. at 239-337-1071 or toll-free at 1-877-496-1076.  You may also write to or to 1631 Hendry Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901.